Jesus Speaks for You

The fear that strangles you

November 1st, 2015

This is the
message that Jesus has for you today:

Fear, the
great and real enemy that blocks our capacity to perceive the world of opportunities
in front of us. Fear is in the root of our spirit as an uninvited invader. We
must expel it from the root so it can keep growing.


Enjoy the
day as if it were the last.

Let all
worries for tomorrow.

Trust the
Universe is designed to support you.

How many
people, less prepared than you and with more problems survives day after day,
year after year?

You will
survive as well, but is good you make it with peace.

Fear to

To lose
your job, to get sick, to not have a couple, to loneliness…….to die.

All of
these will happen to you some time, but you will keep going ahead. There will
be new and better jobs, there will be healing, there will be other couples and
more friends.

And certainly
one day we have to die, but is good to transit to that point with joy and
without fear. The alternative is to live with fear and anyway die.

that dying is only to be transformed to a state of light where all is perfect,

Why to be
afraid of death? Maybe because is something unknown, but then I ask you to
trust in your Creator’s goodness.

Your Creator exists. You are not the fruit of chance.

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