The Children

Our children shall free us from fear

September 12th, 2010

I am Matthew, and it is with great joy that I bring to you the message of Jesus, who says:

“In the root of all acts of evil a human being is capable to do, there is always fear. Always fear. But, fear to what?.....Fear to loneliness, fear to poverty, fear to look at itself and find out you are small. That’s why, men and women during our history of thousands of years have made war and have stolen each others in order to gain power and so being surrounded by persons who pretend admire them and that help them not to feel alone and help them to be entertained with external things and so not to see their misery inside.

The origin of fear is in our origin as souls. At some point lost in time, we separated from God, with whom we were ONE being. In that moment we started our journey through the Universe to experiment and create. It is a gift of God to be able to live experiences across many lives and if we live them correctly, we acquire wisdom. We have lived wonderful moments. Nevertheless, that separation from God, created a problem: fear. For the first time we felt uncertainty, insecurity, cold, hunger. That fear distorts our behavior and it’s easy to turn into enemies of our own brothers.

Today, as it has happened in other moments in history, we are in the middle of a wave of evil. Pessimism surround us and many think it will be worse each day and there is nothing about we can do……IT IS NOT THAT WAY!!...I am Jesus and today I tell you this humankind is not alone. I am with you and I have always been. Many centuries of tolerance and patience have come and past waiting men and women find the road of justice, the road of truth. The time is coming to an end for those who didn’t listen to me. They will be put aside to allow ascent of those who do love God.

Dear brothers and sisters, if today, more than ever, you see violence and evil is because when light approaches, evil agitates and try desperately to hold his grip. It won’t succeed. Darkness has nothing to do in front of light. The violence of this world is the announcement of its own end.

What can you do?....Today, more than ever stay close to God. Do not think in violence. Stop watching news that only count the deaths of the day. Don’t fill yourself with trash. Be sure everything is happening as it must be. If you have children, don’t fill them with fear. Take care of them, protect them, but don’t fill them with fear. They are the generation of change and that change won’t happen in 50 years. It is coming very soon. Your children have the seed of hope, it’s in their eyes, it’s in their smile. It’s already a fact. They have a mission to accomplish for me. They will change the consciousness of this world. The energy of evil will be displaced by a new energy: the energy of love. It is your children who shall free us from fear. Let them do their job. They are already here, the will receive this world and they will fix it. They count on you. I count on you.”