Life and Death

Losing a loved one

Losing a loved one

It is painful to lose our parents, but if they are old we can accept it because “it is the natural course of life”, “he was very ill and at least stopped suffering”. But losing our loved spouse when he/she is still young, it can take a lot of time to overcome it… losing a young child means such a great pain that many people never overcome it and live filled with bitterness and resentment towards God and the rest of the world.

In these cases the only thing left is to remember that people in our life: spouse, children, friends, are with us because they chose us to be with them in this life and then continue their evolution as eternal souls in their path to God. Let us remember this frequently: our loved ones are not our property. They are borrowed. When they die, their absence is very painful and it is absolutely valid to cry over it. What is not valid is to bitter up and complain to God and the rest of the world. If our loved ones leave us it is because THEY DECIDED TO LEAVE US and we should respect that wish. Leaving at this particular time of this life is their choice and it is the best for their evolution… and maybe it is best for ours. Their departure can leave behind lots of pain, but can also leave great lessons and can unlock corners of our heart that we do not know yet: greater love, greater sensibility to other people’s pain.

Let us respect the decision of our loved ones and be attentive to the message that that departure has for us. We will also leave some day and that could be today. Let’s not waste life in bitterness and make the most of it to continue our path to God. Our loved ones, who have passed, are already moving in that direction! Let’s go after them, they are waiting for us!