Jesus Speaks for You

The Kingdom of God is near

March 13th, 2011

I am Matthew, the one others called the evangelist, and it is with great joy that I give you the message of Jesus, that today tells you:

“Many of your brothers are suffering today all around the world because of turmoil and wars to get rid of dictators that oppresses them. Nature as well, manifests by earthquakes and tsunamis. This creates suffering, but also creates love, a great love that moves everyone to raise a prayer for the welfare of others. Human beings are learning that regardless of distance or differences in race or religion, ALL ARE BROTHERS.  One day, fortunately approaching, they will also learn that all are children of the same God.

The end of hatred is approaching. That hatred that has caused death in humankind for so many centuries and millennia, being God many times the excuse to kill each other.  Hatred has surged because a country has a different faith than other and that has been enough cause to look for their extermination. Where did men got the idea that God is a bloodthirsty being who wants to kill other men because they practice a particular religion? Nothing further away from the love of God than killing each other and even more when the killing is in the name of God.

Only one commandment I left when I was with you: Love God above everything and love your neighbor as you love yourself. I never said you should practice any particular religion. Any religion you practice is good if it talks about loving God and loving others. Practice your religion and practice it well but don’t acknowledge it when it tries to become the only owner of truth or the only owner of the door that leads to God. Some scriptures called sacred have been altered many centuries ago: all those parts of the Bible, the Quran, the Torah and others scriptures that talk about killing those who don’t follow that scripture, are not the Word of God. They are alterations that at some point were made by those who have the power in a religion and have modified the scriptures to establish themselves as the only owners of truth. It is huge the damage these men have caused. It is the time to distinguish the Word of God from the word of men, and so the Kingdom of God come over this world, and men love each other as I love them when I was with them and as I have love them always.

I need you today to love your brothers and sisters regardless how different they are from you: race, religion or riches. Love the others because in front of me and in front of God, you all are equal. We are all children of the same God…..and so it IS”.